Event list in Lead

Hey guys,
So here’s what I am interested in accomplishing:

Within an Event, there’s a Link field choosing or creating a specific Lead. Within this Lead I would like to automatically see a list of all Events linked to this Lead.

Is this possible to do using Customise form ? or what would the options be ?

Thank you in advance for the help.

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Following up with this post… perhaps anyone has an idea how this can be achieved ?

Either with the existing ERPNext options or as a paid customisation maybe ?

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At the Event document or at the lead document?
Anyway, it is possible in both ways but it requires custom script which need to read all the events related to this lead and display it in child table (that needs to be created).


That sounds very interesting Bilal.

I am interested in having the Event list at Lead side.

I am perfectly willing in investing in this type of module :slight_smile:

Do you know how to add script or you do not have any experience in this?
If you have, I can write for you the script as a reference for you.


Hey Julian,

This sounds like an interesting feature that could be useful for many people: when a Document (Lead) is linked to a calendar event, the calendar Event should also be linked to the Document (Lead).

It would be great if you are willing to sponsor this feature for the community. The process how to achieve this is detailed here. (They will charge $70 per hour and provide an estimate how long it would take.)

Best regards!

Unfortunately I do not have experience with installing scripts in ERPNext but I could definitely try if anyone would be able to make the script happen.

Thank you for the hint.

I will take it up and see if it’s possible … perhaps I will not invest this money for everybody as this is a feature which could be quite broadly used.