Event related to Calendar

I need help in teaching me how to use the calendar in that way:
The user to select the required days by mouse clicking, then I need to click on button to run a script related to these days.
Why I need to do this?
Actually I am doing a software for Diet Clinic, they need to be able to open the calendar and select the days that their subscriber need to stop his subscription in these days (no need to delivery meals for him in these days) or to do subscription unfreez or to do subscription transfer (to transfer his subscription to another subscriber, so they can deliver meals for other subscriber instead of him). This is easier to be done using calendar because they will hear the days from the subscriber and click on them at the calendar (faster and efficient).
So from where I can start?

When you click and drag across days, a new event is created for those days.
You can create an event for each subscriber.

If your use case is complex, maybe a better way is to build a custom calendar page.

Thanks a lot for your kindly reply.
I do not need to run any event based on the days selection, I need to be able to select days (select some days and then another some days and so on), then I need to click on button to do action. Actually I need 3 buttons to be existed: Freez, UnFreez and Transfer buttons.
So the first step is the selection for the days and the second step is the click on the required button to do the required action. Is it possible? How?

The new datepicker we have has multiple date selection feature.
But still, you will have to build a custom app for this. You can post a job on our community portal

The new datepicker existed in which version?

Refer Documentation | FullCalendar
fullcalendar is included in frappe.

Add _calendar.js file for a doctype or customize it using doctype_calendar_js hook

Or add a desk page and build your own interface

What is desk page? Do you mean an html page?


Search for “Page”, you will see the list of desk Pages.

pos, activity etc are desk pages.
refer the source of POS page to get some idea.