Event Streaming for Offline Access

2.5 Offline access with single site

If you have some places where internet connectivity is low, for example, a store in a remote area where sales invoices are generated and you want to sync these invoices from the store to the hosted account, you could setup offline syncing using the following steps:

  1. Set up an ERPNext local instance. You can refer this guide for local setup.
  2. You need to have hosted account with your company set up.
  3. Now create an Event Producer on the hosted account and set the producer URL to the URL of your local account.
  4. Add whatever doctypes you want to sync in the Event Producer Document Types child table.
  5. Approve the doctypes.

The above excerpt is from the ERPNext Documentation. It is however not very clear. The particular area where clarification is needed is with regards to the local setup in step 1. The reference only directly links to the Github page for Bench

  1. Should the local setup be a production setup (ie running with Nginx, Supervisor) ?

  2. In step 3, we need to input the URL of the local account… how exactly is this achieved since it is a local account ? A simple example would be greatly appreciated

Thanks plenty

Any ideas pls ?

Note: I have never run a system like that.

URL for local account: either via fixed IP and DNS. Or use a dyndns service like duckdns?

Hi @moe01325

Thanks for your response. We are able to reach the local installation using a service like local tunnel etc. The main issue however seems to be that the application is no longer accessible offline once it is in production mode (nginx, supervisor)

Once we setup production, localhost no longer connects to the application unless there’s internet service!

Any ideas ?

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