Event Streaming in ERPnext (Offline)

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ERPnext have Event Streaming features out of the box, I used it and it working (two online system connected together [Producer and Consumer]), but I have another case I have Main PC (online frappe cloud) and Branch PC (offline have own server without Internet), how I can use in this case, and what is config for Branch PC (offline)?

Don’t have answer yet, so need to know a bit more about your setup.

  1. If both systems are not connected how can they communicate between each other?
  2. Are people using both the system to add/modify records? Or is one acting as a backup or read-only node?

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  1. no, my case as following First System on local server (without access from outside server) and Second System is on Frappe Cloud, my Question is there any way to do the following
    1.1. First System is for recorded invoices, customer and items,
    1.2. Second System is just for View the Reports without any entries,

This is for more details as Diagram

Can you be a bit more specific about the difficulties you’re facing? What you are describing is exactly what event streaming is for, syncing between a satellite and a central office.

The problem I faced, my Customers is tell me, he don’t want connect (X System with Internet), and with that he want connect it with (Y System), How I can do this? and what is the config for (X System) to access it?

I don’t understand. How does your customer what the two computers to share information?

  1. Am still not clear how two systems can share data by any means without a connection of some sort. What is your strategy for the same?

  2. You should be able to create a system just for viewing reports. You can create a replica on the cloud somewhere and have the backup of ERP pushed there at a given interval in some form. If there is no internet connectivity someone will have to do it manually.

  3. Then in the live cloud version, you have users created with permissions just for report viewing and nothing else. That way you really don’t need to have an event streaming implemented.

You however need to figure out how you are going to move this site to the cloud at regular intervals.

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connect multiple sites of erpnext using this out of box feature of erpnext