Event Streaming Issues

Following the directions at Event Streaming I am running into two problems. There seems to be a lot of issues on the forums surrounding event streaming, all without resolution.

I am trying to send Leads from Site A to Site B and send Company from Site B to Site A.

I can get the Lead all set up properly, I setup Site B with a new Event Producer with the API keys and proper Lead doctype and url for Site A. This works, Site A shows Lead in a Pending state, I approve that to activate it.

I create a Lead, check my Event Update Log and see the entry for the new lead. However, the data never streams and the following items are empty on both Site A and Site B: Error Log, Event Sync Log.

The second problem is when attempting to connect Site A to Site B to receive Company. I follow the exact same steps using the API keys for the correct user and get this error in a modal: Failed to connect to the Event Producer site. Retry after some time. That error is useless, it tells me nothing of the actual problem or how to go about resolving it.

Any advice?

ERPNext version 14

Typical pitfalls:

  • Cross site scripting prevention is blocking the data transaction
  • Roles management on the receiving site has not full rights
  • JSON document is malformed or is missing metadata

Did i miss something?

  • I’ll look into the cross site issue
  • Roles are identical, both have the default System Manager role
  • JSON is valid, I will double check that we have captured all required fields (i.e. make sure the Consumer doesn’t require a field the Producer is failing to populate)