Events calendar duplicated

Hi all.

How can i do this:
When i create a event calendar, this will check if this customer has another event already from the current date to the date forward. And if have, will notify something like that: “Do you have created event of this customer on the date dd/mm/yy, are u sure do u wanna delete this?” Buttons: No/ Yes.
Cause my customer are having some problems with duplicates events.
Or forget the buttons and just clear without notifications…

Thanks all!

In a calendar, there is no check for customer. Very much possible that we could have multiple events at the same time. May be we can add a check for Private Events, but not for public or based on party. Can you create Github Issue for this usecase?

If you are trying to customize it in your account, please share more details about the customization made.

I’ll provide that, thanks for reply!

Dears @umair @Leonardo_Augusto
I have the same issue and i posted here

There is any solution

Is this issue resolved?

No changes on this front as yet. Can you please create a Github Issue for this feature request. The discussion on forum is pretty easy to get lost.

@umair Please find the issue on below link: