Every bench update comes with a new bug

I know recently am creating new topics than anyone else here and I feel not so good.

i have been facing a new bug every time I update my system (which i do weekly) and am facing a number of issues.

i have not been able to solve the below issues which I reported earlier:-

  1. Loyalty point entry error

reported this to github issues here Loyalty point issue throwing error · Issue #16212 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

  1. TypeError: unorderable types error - #11 by root13F still not been able to solve this issue so far.

this morning now am facing these issues plus now I can’t change the selling rate in pos, sales order or sales invoice.

from the selling module settings, I have enabled this even in pos profiles but still facing the issue. Kindly help on these issues.

am using this version

Installed Apps
ERPNext: v11.0.3-beta.31 () (staging)

Frappe Framework: v11.0.3-beta.40 () (staging)

thank you

changing the sales rate was fixed after running bench update again but the other two issues remains.

If you want the most stable version, you need to use v10.
v11 & v12 are development versions, which is where (community) testing gets done. Living on the “cutting edge”, even on free/opensource software, comes at a small “price” :sunglasses:


I have to agree with @trentmu
V11 is in testing but not released as a production version. There is no release date as yet but merging of new features has been stopped and it’s in full bug report mode now