Examination module changes


The Examination Module in ERPNext Schools is quite good and serves the basic purpose for the schools. It is quite easy to use and has a friendly setup, which can be easily learnt by the school users. But there are some more requirements of the schools that need to be incorporated into it. Do let me know if these changes are possible in the system. Will look forward to hearing from you regarding the same.

  1. In India, all the CBSE schools basically follow a similar system. There are Formative Assignments and Summative Assignments. Right now, the Examination module allows for creation of separate exams for each subject for each FA or SA. So, the schools will have to create separate exam codes for each class for each subject for each FA/SA. It means that if there are 12 classes with 6 subjects each, it would require creation of 72 Exam codes for each FA/SA. Is there any other alternative?

  2. Right now, the examination results show only the results column. There should be separate columns for showing the Maximum Marks and Grade also along with the result. Also, is there a way to just scroll through the students and enter the marks, instead of opening each student record in the child table for entering the marks.

  3. There is a concept of CCA and CCE in CBSE. For CCA activities, descriptive indicators are used to evaluate a student. So, there would be many descriptive indicators along with grades. How do we incorporate that into the Examination module?

  4. We will require the student’s scorecard to look like this.

Student Name - FA1 subject-wise marks Grade FA2 subject-wise marks Grade SA1 subject-wise marks grade, etc.

All these details would be required on the same row. Currently, it is displaying in separate rows.

  1. At the end of the academic year, there should be some batch program which can do the automatic promotion of the students to the next grade. This would mean that their program codes would change and the fees structure would also change accordingly.

These are some of the changes that are required in the present ERPNext School systems. I am sure these changes would really make the school system more effective.

Thanks. Will look forward to hearing from you.


@neilLasrado please have a look


It would be good if I could get an update on this about whether it is doable or not.


Everything is do-able :slight_smile:

Thanks Rushab… :slight_smile:

Hi Neil,

Any update on this?


@Uma we have renamed examination as assessment and are introducing assessment groups. That must solve your problem. You can tract the pull request here → Assessment Groups by neilLasrado · Pull Request #5963 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Hello @UmaG
Reference to below, can you please explain what do you mean by it?
Do u mean how to allow for student to go for next year?