Examples for Online Purchase-website

Good day all

Trust you are all well !!!

I am wanting to create an online-purchase website ( v13 ) and I was just wondering how some
website looks that has already been created in ERPNext ? I am sure I saw a post somewhere
with a few links of people in the community that has online-purchase websites that was
show-casing them …

It will be interesting to see what can be achieved. I am sure that there are very nice looking sites out there and the sites that I have been generating while getting to know the website module,
does look rather ordinary !!! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much !!!

frappefurniture.frappe.cloud is the example website for you reference

Good day @Rehan_Ansari

Thank you for taking the time.

Yes, I have the video that you linked on my list of videos to work through. Thank you.

What I was actually hoping to see, is that some of our community “boast” a bit with their
sites. I am certainly not hoping to see heir code, but more just to get an idea of what is
achievable ?? off course, only if they are comfortable to put links on this discussion !!
I fully understand it is personal … but I thought I would just ask. Always nice to have a goal
in terms of quality of sites out there !!!

I have, based on the above link, already built a basic site … so there is progress !!!

I appreciate your time !!