Exchange rate changes in Credit portion

I am wondering if this is a bug, whenever I choose multi currency and add a value to the credit, the exchange rate auto changes to a random number.

If the account is a bank (asset) and it is crediting, system fetches average exchange rate based on available balance on the bank account.

Similarly, if it is a debtors account and it is a payment entry against any invoice, system fetches exchange rate from the invoice.

@nabinhait Is there a way to disable this?

Why you want to disable it? What’s the use case?

In the recent release, you can change exchange rate manually for bank account. But not allowed for debtors account if payment against invoice.

I am trying to register cash transfer between one USD bank account to one AED bank account of the same company and book the variance as “expense exchange variance”


In my case the exchange rate from USD bank → AED bank is fixed. And wont need the average. How do I set a fixed exchange rate?


I was going through the issue list. I saw Merge pull request #4413 from nabinhait/bank_transfer_exchange_rate has been added to develop v6.12.3 . I believe this is the same as we are talking about?

Yes, that is the fix to allow manual change in exchange rate for bank transfer.

I will explain bank transfer entry with example in then manual.