Exchange Rate Revaluation ! BUG

Any help pls !
I will explain an example to understand the problem
First, the base currency is EGP
1- A purchase invoice was made for a supplier in the dollar currency, the value of the bill is $ 1000, the Currency Exchange is 17, so the supplier balance in the base currency, 17000 after this transaction .
2- Then Exchange Rate Revaluation was done with a Currency Exchange 16
The balance of the supplier in general ledger is still 17,000 EGP
And the balance in trial balance for party is 16,000 EGP
3- A payment entry was made for the supplier with a value of $ 1,000 with Currency Exchange = 17
Here the balance has become zero in the general ledger
But in the trial balance for party became debit by 1000
Balance should be zero in all reports !!!

You recorded the payment at an exchange rate of 17, so you will definitely get a difference of 1000 EGP.

That’s what happened realy
Supplier balance in gl zero
But in trial balance 1000 egp
How to close it !!

I think you can cancel the revaluation of the exchange rate.

This solution doesn’t work with me

Any one could help me

Any solutions you found for this?

We are doing a journal of total quarter/annual turnover transaction. e.g.
1,000 @ 17 dr creditor
1,000 @ 16 cr creditor
1000 cr exchange gain/loss

Looks like this is a presentation bug in General Ledger report when filtered using Currency.
The debit & credit is converted using same debit value while it should have converted using it’s own value

It’s not a presentation bug.

It is a calculation issue and it stems out of the fact that there is a realized gain/loss transaction to be passed with 0 account currency value but X company currency value against exchange gain/loss account.

ERPNext does not have facility to pass a 0 account currency transaction but non-zero company transaction.

Current alternative is to pass a larger transaction with full account currency and adjust company currency to allow realized exchange gain/loss

I re-create the transaction in my instance with ERP 12.8.0

  • Purchase Invoice date 01-Jun USD 1,000@Rate 17
  • Create Exchange Revaluation for Account Payable USD with Rate 16 on 19-Jun
  • Create Payment Entry on 20 Jun with Rate 17 for USD 1,000

Result :