Exciting addition needed - Product/Item images in sales invoices

Hello All;

Please we need to have product images on invoices. We are currently working with a high profile company dealing with exquisite luxury items sourced from all over the world; one super-critical requirement is to have images per line item on the invoices so they could better communicate products with their customers who mostly order by phone or rare visits to the showrooms. Since these products are expensive; they require at least the ability to show images on the invoices or sales orders or best of all; both! To even take it to a sweeter level; can we think about images in invoices, sales orders, delivery notes, installation notes etc.

Honestly we can afford a contribution to support this; we really need it and since this is an open source community and effort; we are careful to highlights financing; but developers need support for building the world’s best ERP as far as I can see.

Please help with some feedback; we need this feature urgently and want to support financially.

The feature is already there. If you upload product image in item master, it will be fetched on selection of item in Sales Invoice/Order.