Exclude fields in quotation from refresh

Hi all,

In our quotations docType we are having an issue where the data and customer fields, when changed cause a refresh on the page.

Occasionally sales team staff will apply a manual override to the price in the child table of the quotation which is automatically reverted if the customer is changed (or entered after the item), the date is changed or if the document is duplicated (say if we want to send out an updated quotation but retain a record of the previous one). The sales team get very frustrated about having to redo their data entry.

Is there some way to exclude fields from a refresh, or make the child table read only until the customer field has been filled?


Anyone have any ideas?

customer change triggers items refresh is correct logic.

you can enforce input customer before items by customize form for Quotation,
set Depends On for items field as


Thanks for that.
We are having a trouble where our sales team want to update the customer name after making the quotation.

They like to send the same quotation to many resellers and want the prices to stay the same but with the new customer.

yourself or hired developer got to write some custom script to achieve this.