Exclude Service Items from Gross Profit Calculation

We use Delivery Charges as a non-stock item. Can anyone help me with excluding non-stock items from gross profit calculation in Gross Profit reports?

Is this possible?

Hi there,

I don’t believe that’s possible with the default gross profit report. You’d have to customize the existing report or build your own.

Edited to add: Have you considered adding your delivery charges to the Sales Taxes and Charges section of your invoice? That’s how ERPNext expects you to handle delivery fees. That allows you to use the Shipping Rule feature as well.

Including Shipping charges in Taxes and Charges works perfectly fine in ERPNext and is also in compliance with govt. rules… But the tax calculations become really complicated for the customers to comprehend. We include shipping charges in the line item to keep it simple for everyone.

Anyhow thanks for the input @peterg .