Exclude User Permission In Report


My scenario is to restrict Warehouse on all transaction doctype but keep it open for certain reports

I’m on V12. Before in V10, we did have exclude user permission option in Report, so that we can apply user permission to all doctype but keep it open for certain report

Also in Role permission Manager there was option to apply user permission for that role or not.

In V12 those options are gone and its difficult to apply above scenario. In user permission we have to tick applicable for each doctype, (many user permission needs to be created) which was very simple in V10.

Also some child table doctype not appeared on applicable for option?

Am I missing something for permission configuration in V12 onwards?

Not sure if this helps, but permissions only apply to Report Builder.

Query Report ignores user permissions completely. In Script Report you can take care of it yourself by using get_list (permissions apply) or get_all (ignores all permissions).

I’m using frappe.db.sql in script report and user permission is applied to all reports if we define user permission apply to all doctypes in user permission

We have to set applicable for certain doctypes (one by one), which is not efficient.