Excluding Users from Energy Points

Is there a feature to exclude users from Energy Points? like, I am a co-founder, and I sometimes have to post documents on behalf of my employees and I don’t want to get an energy point allocation.

Is there an option? If not, wouldn’t it be nice to have a toggle in the User DocType to exclude user from energy points?

@Azhar_Umar you can just go to energy point rule:

under /app/energy-point-rule/

and use either the “Allot Points To Assigned Users” option or make a condition to exclude yourself like maybe


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did it work for you?

Thanks for this, I have a doubt regarding “Assigned Users”. We really dont assign anything to users :D. So will it work? I guess assigned user is this:


Haven’t tried conditions yet, need to figure out how conditions like “Submit” and “New” work.

Shall update once I try it out. Thanks for the suggestion @pronext

If you read the docs on Energy Point System. you will see that the checkbox “Allot Points To Assigned Users” exacly differences the assigned condition.