Existing account suddenly points to 'Free Account' sign-up page

I was evaluating erpnext for my employer on a free account. I ve set up and used real data for a possible upgrade at a later point. Now, all of a sudden, the free account does not exist anymore;
At least this is what the page says when I try to visit it (-> does not exist, sign up for a free account…). This is actually the second time this happened.

account: (removed by me) works again

What could be wrong?

UPDATE: Site is reachable again. Still wondering why this happens.


Are you still facing this problem? It has been solved for most of the account.

If issue still prevails, please report it on support@erpnext.com with URL of your ERPNext account.

Yes, something similar happened. It’s not exactely the same. I get a 404 with:
“./[account].erpnext.com/site_config.json does not exist”

I ll write to the support then. Thanks for your time, J

Hi all - also my free test account is gone - that is not a good best practice as many users of the free account entered a lot of data. All the work would have been gone.

I suggest you send out an email to all users that there was a serious error and that they should message to support@erpnext.com to get help.

I will have to do that as well btw.
Will update if I can recover the data.



Users are informed well in advance before their accounts gets archived. Hope you will understand that many users just created free account for evaluation. To ensure our hosting cost and efforts are manageable, it’s important for us to archive free and inactive accounts.