Expanding POS for tasks (DISCUSSION)

POS is a great tool for entering data. I think this could be utilized for a lot more than just creating POS Invoices; like for warehousing, manufacturing stock transfers.

Things to do:

  1. Introduce modes to the interface -
    a) Sales Order
    b) Delivery Note
    c) Purchase Receipts
    d) Stock Entries
    e) Production Order

  2. Validate user permissions

  3. Workflow: After user enters items & qty for stock transfer, etc. Next page could show a confirmation page, which would show all relevant effects of the transaction.
    Something on the lines of this - Automating Process Flow/ Linking · Issue #10552 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub.

eg. If we do a purchase receipt, User scans items being received and customer. On next page user can reconcile/match which sales invoice to return from.

eg. In Sales orders, the process could simply redirect to the doctype page, where validations take place and sales order is submitted.

This was touched upon by @raveslave back in 2014.

There have been some threads where users were requesting for sales order, delivery note functionality, etc after the POS redesign. We can all get together to create a bounty for this.

As pos has offline capabilities, this could be a very practical step towards having offline capabilities.
A major pain point for small enterprises adapting ERP is entry of data.
This would definitely help ease data entry in the system.

@rmehta Would you agree?

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@LifeP agree & great input! I think the two key elements here is:

  • ease of use (i.e. shouldn’t require training / as easy as instagramming)
  • foolproof (minimize options & manual input + in-line help)

the application should be able to run on a shared computer, i.e. standing next to the incoming goods area, allowing for a quick login (same user but with limited rights) + say a “pin-code”. option 2 would be to simply queue the requested action in a workflow for manual approval (to ensure everyone in an office/workshop env. actally uses it)

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This is an idea I will definitely support …it mimics real life work environment and reduces the incidence of users using paper and pen to capture data which is then updated later (hopefully ) into the system.



This is really a good idea, and one where some of the otherwise bad caching functions of POS may actually be helpful.

If you start a bounty for creating this project, I am willing to add my support with ideas and financial support.


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Didn’t POS v6 have some of these functionalities, I wonder why they were removed in v7 and after

ERPNext team,
Could you guide us about the bounty/ time required for this? Also, the way forward from here.
@rmehta @nabinhait