Expense approver is able to approve own claims

Hi Team,

We are on V11, configuring Expense approver for Departments. We have setup a group of Department and as per V11, setup the approver to Department. It is working fine.

Now when Approver is creating own expense claims, he/she is able to approve it. Actually, It should go to Approver’s claim approver which is maintained in Department claim approver.

We tried followings

  • in user permissions, Restricted access to the one department for which he is claim approver . In this scenario, while crteating Expense claims for self, his name is not appearing.

  • So we have added another department in which approver is belongs to. But this is also not working since he can approve his own claims.

how to achieve that expense claim approver should not approver self expense claims.


I faced the same problem as well for both expense approval and leave approval which are really ridiculous. What I did was adding one more layer of approval via “Workflow” tool. So every leave / expense claim application will have through 2x approvals.

It worked by applying workflow on the top of it.

thank you