Expense Approver role for non-HR user


How can I give permission to a non-HR User to approve Expense Claims for their Department?

If we setup the User as the Expense Approver in the Department setting, they shall be able to approve Expense Claims of the Department’s Employees.

But as the User itself is also an Employee, permissions are being created, which is rather needed.

I want to achieve something so that a User will be able to only access Expense Claims and approve for their Department Employees, not other doctypes, like salary slips and other HR doctypes.

Thanks in advance!

Just reopening this thread for attention for advice

You can create a new Role and then in Role Permissions Manager, create a new rule such that they have access to only the expense claim doctype. Check this link for more info: Role Based Permissions

Hope this helps.


The user is also an employee too, so there will be restricted access based on his employee ID.

An employee can not access others salary slip and ERPNext restricts that based on the employee ID.

So in that case you will have to create multiple user permissions for the same employee for each document type except the Expense Claim doctype.

In User Permissions, uncheck “Apply To All Document Types” and select the document type as salary slip, leave. etc. Check the below screenshot for more info and reference:

Yes, Thank you for idea. I’m thinking to add a custom link field and making permission based on that field.

Example: Linking “user_id” to “Salary Slip” and creating user permission for “user_id” will do the trick and we will remove “employee_id” based permissions.

We can close this thread. Thanks again for your help