Expense Claim does not show in "accounts payable report"

I have created, approved & submitted an Expense claim.

There is a Default Expense Claim Payable Account defined in the Company Settings

When I look at the General Ledger (filtered by the Payable account) I see the Expense Claim entry as well as a Purchase Invoice which also is due now

When I run the "Accounts Payable Report) Only the “Purchase Invoice” is shown, not the “Expense Claim”. Both are on the same Payable account on the same date.

What am I doing wrong?

Nothing. I have found out that the “Accounts payable report” is based on Purchase Invoices, so it’s inherent logic that it does not show Expense Claims or any other Journal Entries which create a liability on any Payable Account.

So, Once I extended my knowledge on this matter I may come up with a new version of such a report. I guess that’ll take some time though, So I am closing this Topic for the time being.