Expense Claim Journal Entry

What should be the journal entry for employee expense claim?
Journal entries not mentioned on Not Found

Once the Expense claim is submitted there is a button to “Make Bank Voucher”.
What are the debit and credit entries for expense claim?
example for employee travel expense claim, is it:
Travel Expense Debit
to cash/bank

for Imprest there are ledgers created for employees, is it necessary to create ledgers for each employee for Expense claim?

That depends on the workflow.

  1. In double entry, you can accrue to expense to the Employee and then pay the employee separately.
  2. For most SMB, you can directly book the expense against the bank payment.

Imprest works when you are giving an advance for expenses.



We need to give employees advances and then we need to enter each of their purchase invoices and register them as paid against the employees’ advance.

Should we use the expense claim feature for this?

Is there a way to pay multiple invoices with one journal entry? It’d be nice to be able to select multiple invoices and make 1 journal entry to register their payment.

any update