EXpense Claim multi currency settlement


we are using ERPNext expense claim module for our employees claim settlement procedure. we are facing one issue in the same . We have configured our home currency as INR . However while doing the expense claim entry and type selected as USD for our the claim is actually in foreign currency ,still the entry is going as INR .

Request you to guide me in the same.



Currently there is no multicurrency in Expense Claim. However, you should expect this feature to be out soon.

Hope Multi currency payroll is also looked into


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can you specify on this a little?

  • is it being worked on in the development branch (and likewise be a feature in version-13)?
  • it will be part of an upcoming point release of version-12?

also … how can interested parties like me, or @jacob.james2020 help with this development? Would you be able to connect me with the developer who is working on this?

Yes, it will part of version 13 and is currently work in progress.

Hope this helps.

thanks. I am wondering how we can help with this. I have met a number of shortcomings with multi-currency and would be highly interested with everything in this direction.

Is it you who is working on that? or can you point me to the developers in charge?

@michelle I don’t see it in V13 as I can’t still can’t use expense claim in multiple currency. Or do we need to update any setting?

As of February 2023, this still has not been added