Expense Claim not saving

Here I used to save my expense claim, but it is not saving mean time I open the console it shows some error like this.

Any ideas

Which version?

ERPNext: v15.15.0 (version-15)

Frappe Framework: v15.16.1 (version-15)

Frappe HR: v16.0.0-dev (develop)

Hi @thara,

Your hrms is in the develop branch so first you have switch it in the version 15 and check it.

bench switch-to-branch version-15 hrms

bench update --patch

Thank You!

Hi @NCP Thanks for your reply,
I manually changed the prod mode to dev mode. for that issue it is the reason or hrms version im using

Hi @thara,

We tested the latest stable version 15, but we haven’t faced any issues, so please check it.

Thank You!

@NCP Thank You for reply now it is solved, now i integrate biometric in frappe hrms in that it is sync actually but after some time it is not fetched the datas any reason? It is not continuously fetch after i run the python3 erpnext_sync.py file only it fetches.

Hi @NCP i successfully implemented the exit questionnaire, what happens, the form is send to the employee but unable to save. I gave user permission as well

If you implemented the code for that then check the code and correct it, maybe issue in that.

Hi @NCP Im not getting your point what you are saying ?
Once your employee fills up this questionnaire, you can link it to the Exit Interview document. This is Step 5 https://frappehr.com/docs/v14/en/exit-interview how to do
still now my form is not saving.

But it’s a custom doctype and what type of configure set, we haven’t idea. If you provide the video document then better for us, if possible.

Hi @NCP Now I achieved the flow now if the employees submit the form mail will be trigger to HR how to do that