Expense Claim remains unpaid after allocation of employee advance

Steps to reproduce the issue

  1. Create and Submit Employee Advance of INR 12000 (EAD-HR-2021-0001)
  2. Make Payment against employee advance.
  3. Create expense claim (EXP-HR-2021-0001) of INR 12300 and allocate advance of 12000 (EAD-HR-2021-0001).
  4. Grand Total = INR 230, Total Advance = 12000, Total Claimed Amount = 12300
  5. Now submit the expense claim. The status changed to Unpaid
  6. Create & Submit payment entry of remaining amount i.e.,INR 230 from create button on expense claim.
  7. Status of Expense Claim is still Unpaid.

Observed result

  1. Status shows Unpaid and create payment button is still visible. However, when tried creating again a payment it shows 0 amount in payment entry.

Expected result

  1. Status of expense should be changed to Paid , as the complete payment is done against expense claim (12000 through advance and 230 through payment entry)

Anyone facing above issue?

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Same here. It doesn’t work through Employee Advance. The status switches to Paid only when the entire amount is directly added through Payment Entries.

Looks like a bug.

We are also facing the same issue.