Expense Claim Repay from Salary is not working

Amount didn’t deduct from Salary
Can someone help?

Hi @santhida,

Please share screenshots of the screens from the Expense Claim request to the processing of salaries. You may grey out sensitive info if you wish, but this way it is easier for others to understand and help you. Rgds.

thanks, i will send it later

this is advanced

Payroll Entry

Payroll Slip


Expense claim is not meant to be deducted from salary but rather to be added to the salary.The design of the ERPNext presently is to use Salary to reclaim any claim that has not been upset by the Advance.
However it is good that the functionality works in both way.That is ,where Staff Advance is higher than the claim which is the case most time in my country,it should be made possible that the balance should be deductible from the staff salary if he fails to make retirement within a stipulated time on the basis of company policy on cash advance.


Was the advance paid?
If it was paid, the status of the Employee Advance should change from Submitted to Paid.

If you confirm it was paid and status has changed, yet you cannot deduct at salary, it might be a bug.

subbmitted and paid but not deduct