Expense Claim - Unable to Select Expense Approver

Hi All ,

I am unable to create an expense claim as i am unable to select user for expense aprover , though i have multiple users with permissions as ‘Expense Aprover’

Anything missing by me here ?
Please advice



Please check in the Human Resource>Department whether the Expense Approver is set or not for your particular department.


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Which version of ERPNext are you on? If you’re on v10, then providing the role for the user is sufficient.

If on v11 or higher, apart from providing the role, you must also make the following configurations:

  1. Employee is assigned to a department.

  2. In the department, tag the expense approver for that department:

After saving this, create a new expense claim and check.

For raising leave applications, you have to tag the leave approver for that department.

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  1. you have to make a user then set the role as expense approver:

  1. then go to the “Expense Claim Type List” then choose the expense that you wanna make.
    insert your company like this one:

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Thank You , I could successfully submit the claim
Your assistance is Much Appreciated


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