Expense Entry without using Journal Entry

Can anyone help me?
is there way to record expenses other Journal Entry?
Because to do Expenses from Journal Entry is Ok for Accountant but it’s difficult for some admin staff.
Is this possible to use Payment Entry for expenses?

You can check Expense Claim

From my long term use of ERPNExt system, the “expense claim” form records expenses from anyone when that expenses goes straight to use. I mean if there would be no diversion of expenses, say one is given $100 to buy chalks but he/she finds chalks are sold $80 and the balance has to get back.
Once you tick “is paid” in expense claim, this means all goes to journal/ledger and all is expended.
But using the GL/journal means expenses are collectly recorded and there is imprest or any remaining funds unused and unretired will be placed into “inprest account” for easy track down. otherwise, there might be confusion of double entry and this will trouble accounting section

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