Expense Module Disappeared / Cant Access

Hi All

I am having trouble accessing the Expense Claim section, i am a system Manager, and was able to access until a day ago. It has also disappeared / gone from the HR module as a link, is not there.

If i go to role permission manager, is not listed even as an option to be selected.

If i go to doctype list i can see the doctype for expense claim is tere, but unable to make any changes or change permissions to it.

I have put the system in Development mode from js site config, but still same, cannot amend the doctype to change the permissions…

Can someone please help with how to restore the access rights for this or how to get it back please as currently no one within the organization can use the module…

appreciate your help

thank you

There was an issue where if you remove all Roles, it would not allow to reset permissions. Fixed in develop. Will make a release tomorrow

CC @rohit_w

Thank you so much

Looking forward to the release

Hi @ermalc,

Have release the fix, kindly pull latest update and check

Hi @rohit_w

Thank you for the above, i can see that now i can select the missing modules so i can add the relevant permissions, but when i try to add any sort of roles to a document type, i get the below error message

Enter at least one permission row

Hi @rohit_w @rmehta

Still having issues with this, can someone please let me know what to do with this?

I am getting the below error,

Enter at least one permission row

I cannot edit the doctype expense claim as no permissions are showing under it, so can’t add or ammend any permissions on it…

can you help please?