Expense purchase invoice

i want to check there a way for expense invoice to to show expense head account like warehouse is shown in each invoice.

You can add additional expense in the “Purchase Taxes and Charges” session in the invoice

This is option not you are looking, then please explain the requirements in detailed

Yes. You can select expense account against the items in purchase invoice. Or you can set the same in items and it will fetch automatically during invoice creation.

@al_qamar_elactronics Hi,

When you create the invoice, click on Edit in the items table

Fill Item Name (Description of line) & UOM (Nos) & Accepted Quantity (usually write 1) without choosing any item code

Select expense account at Expense Head field down below

then, you can find the journal entry as follows:

thank you

dear i know we can choose accountig ledger but i wnat to print the accounting ledger for expense invocie