Expenses Claim approver didn't appear

I Have allocated some person to approved expense claim in the system but it does not appear to expense claim form how can I fixed this

Please go through below links

Hello efinancemgt,

To view the expense approver in your link field on Expense Claim Form you have to provide the role as Expense Approver to the user to be listed out.

Please refer the screenshot attached below for the same.
The below screen shots shows the Role section on User Form:

The below screenshot shows the Expense Claim where I am able to select the user having the role.

I Have setup like this it didn’t work

I have setup like this but it didn’t work

You are working on which version of ERPNext and Frappe?


You have to make sure of two things:

  1. The employee is assigned to a department
  2. Within the department, you tag a user as the Expense Approver and assign the required role: