EXPENSES (Consumable)

Good day I want to ask about this one…Expenses (Consumable) how can I add this to my erpnext account

My company split all items that deducts all in our bank or cash


We made our purchase as an Item that we BUY but we reSell (sales)
Expenses however we made all consumable items and we declare it as Loss. e.g. gasoline,food,water,stationary(office items/paper/printer cartridge),etc

we dont have exact supplier for this and we only need a record of daily expenses (item,invoice,amount,what account use(Cash/Credit Card-Bank)

Please Help me with this one…how to configure…Thank you

This is also discussed here.


One thing you can do is create a few items, pointing to the corresponding expense accounts in the GL, such as office, supplies, car expenses etc.
When entering the supplier invoice you would chose the appropriate item/expense as a line item. This would record the expense and sales taxes:
dr. expense
dr. sales taxes
cr. accounts payable
When you pay:
dr. Accounts payable
cr. Bank for cheques

For credit cards or cash payments, you could summarize them on a spreadsheet, and record them by journal entry.
dr. expense 1
dr. expense 2
dr. sales taxes
Cr. Credit card (ex. Visa)
Payment to credit card company:
dr. Credit Card
Cr. Bank payment

Inventory is another matter, You have some options for that, but that is another discussion.
At he end of the period, you would file your sales taxes, and reconcile your bank account. Those are also other discussions.

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Thank you for the replies…actually I dont know how to configure it…and sir what is GL…I’m sorry for being a newbie,

is there any video tutorial for this??

little bit confuse

GL = general ledger

On your desktop, there is an icon called learn. Many videos in there