Expenses in cost centers

Hi All
I’ve been trying to figure out the way to allocate expenses for cost centers when making a payment to a supplier and not successful. Below is the scenario.

  • When I pay my supplier for fuel (through payment entry), the same amount has to be recorded under the relevant cost center.
  • I have created cost centers for each vehicle so costs can be tracked.

For above, I am using payment entry type “Pay” and cannot see a way to allocate amount to the cost center.

Someone please help me solving the issue.

What version are you on?

In v13, you can scroll down and look for the Accounting Dimensions section. You’ll find the cost center field there:

Thanks! I am using v13 and I am not seeing ‘Cost Center’ field under accounting dimentions. Just only the project.

Can you check if the field is hidden by any chance?

Yes, it was hidden and and I made it visible. Made a payment and I can see the information in GL.

Is there a way to view these in a report?

Thank you so much for your help on this!

Can you specify the kind of report you’re looking at?

You can look at existing financial reports or build your own.

Thank you! Looks like I will have to create a record.

The field was hidden and I had to make it visible. The solution works perfectly.


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