Experiences With Deploying ERPNext In Supermarkets In India

So I am opening a small supermarket in around 2 months time in rural India and I am considering ERPNext.com Cloud hosting for the same.

It will be a single location, single billing counter setup. Will be using Storehippo (a proprietary SaaS sadly, but built on MEAN) for online store and mobile apps with local delivery, national delivery and store pickup option.

I plan to share my real world experience and thoughts about ERPNext in supermarkets of India in this thread.

Before I begin the setup process, is there anything I should be aware of or consider including hardware, ERPNext configuration etc?.

I will be running ERPNext on macOS, iOS and Android.

Thanks in advance.

Harold Osprey.

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Head over to ERPNext.org for docs.

This was open-sourced a while ago:

To integrate with StoreHIppo, you could make use of the REST API:

If you have reliable internet connectivity, I recommend setting up an account on ERPNext.com

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Thanks for the response.

We will be setting up on ERPNext.com cloud only. Internet is reliable (Broadband + Multiple 4G VoLTE services).

I guess the folks at ERPNext.com & Storehippo will be able to integrate both platforms against a fee…

Is there any recommendations when it comes to hardware ?(POS printer, barcode scanner). Should work seamlessly with macOS+iOS+ERPNext. And any other recommendation?.

These are good to have.
Any POS Printer which can accept a print job from browsers should work.

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Thank you. Will keep the thread updated with our experience.