Expired Batch Purchase/Sales Return

Purchase Invoice/ Purchase Receipt are not allowed to accept Expired Batch Items that is a good validator, but keeping the same validator for Returns is not a good idea. Well I cannot find anyway to return expired items to the supplier.

Similar way,

Sales Return,
I am not able to make sales returns for expired items, I think the validator needs to be disables when the ‘Is Return’ is checked.

Currently i just change the batch expiry and process the document and then change the expiry back to is original which is just a workaround and not a good way to show to clients.

I think Erpnext team needs to look into this. I will also try to add this to issues and ask my development team to look into this and find a way to solve.

The reason to post here is to Check with the community if they have the same concern and what are the ways they are solving this concern.

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Anyone have any idea about this?

Now we’re getting many returns to process with expiry and we cannot keep changing the expiry dates.

Please create a github issue explaining the scenario.

I am having exactly the same situation. Actually expired batch item should be able to be sold because it will depend on seller criteria.

Yes there need to be toggle switch to do this. I dont see any interest from the core team nor the community except few of us.

I found that the team hardcoded the SQL statament that query for batchs on all docs.

So, there is no option to override this behavior unless the team changes this.


Oh thanks for pointing it out.
Maybe you should make an github issue and follow up with it. I will up it for you. :+1:

Thanks for your attention,

Will you post the github issue?

Git Issue on ERPNext.


What’s the update on this issue?

When trying to submit a Stock Reconciliation to account for lost stock, it will not accept because of the expired date, which of course is the reason to book it as lost stock.

No update. I have asked my developer to look into it. As we cannot wait for erpnext team anymore as we rarely get any response from them even though we only try to correct the practical issues.

I did. I just deleted the condition that skip expired items.