[EXPLAINED] 2 Permission at a time?

Hi, Can I put 2 permission at the same time in one field?

Here’s the permission I tried but it seems that it only shows the field permanently and doesn’t hide it.


@kelscey90 use eval:in_list(['EMP-1', 'EMP-2'], doc.request_by)

@max_morais_dmm, but if it is a child’s table? should it be like this?

eval:in_list([‘EMP-1’, ‘EMP-2’],cur_frm.doc.request_by)

Only if the referenced field is in parent! By default doc reflects the active record, it can be the parent if the field is on parent or child if field is on child!

Sorry for my very weak understanding. But is

eval:in_list([‘EMP-1’, ‘EMP-2’],cur_frm.doc.request_by)

valid for a child’s table that im going to link to a master’s table??

@kelscey90, it only works if request_by is a field of the master table! if it is a field of the child use only doc.request_by

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Ohhh. I get it now. Thank you!