Export ALL Customizations in One Export OR Clear Data from Customised ERPNext?


I have customised a lot of DocTypes, added a few scripts etc. to get ERPNext working as I need it to (v15 develop).

It is full of data that I don’t need.

Is it possible to export ALL the customisations in one export, or is it individual DocType by DocType?

Or is there a way to clear all the Purchase Orders, Purchase Receipts, Transactions etc. so I can start afresh?


Hi @pmjd

I think, you should create a custom app and added a hook.py

fixtures = [{
        "doctype": "Custom Field",
        "doctype": "Property Setter",
        "doctype": "Server Script",
        "doctype": "Client Script",

Then apply the command:

bench --site [sitename] export-fixtures

Then all customization is export in the custom app which you added in fixtures.


Please check the documentation.

I hope this helps.

Thank You!

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Thanks @NCP I’ll take a look at those :slight_smile: