Export and Importing Salary Structure

Believe correction is required when exporting and importing Salary Structure …
I create the Salary Structure and define the Employees and their Base, i enter Earnings (formulas) and Deductions (formulas).
After saving i export as i need to enter more Formulas for Deductions … when i open the file i see the Earnings and Deductions on same colunms with no ID to say Earn or Ded …

And after i add the new formulas (Angola case IRT must be added with formultas to calcule) … the records are added TWICE !!! Salary, IRT, INSS are duplicated and for our case IRT has 15 records with duplications becomes 15*2 :frowning:

Even if i delete the Structure and import the result is the same… and All Earning and Deductions show on the same Deduction Table while Earning should be shown on the Earning side …
After this import error i still have to delete the extra records on Deductions (for deductions) and also remove the Earnings added on this wrong table

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This seems to be working fine in our test account. Can you please the CSV file you are trying to import. May be we can try it in our test account and look into this.


I will try again and if not working will send you the csv file.
I have ERPNext version 7.2.11 and 7.2.9 for frappe current machine and on
my server ERPNext version 7.1.20 and 7.1.21 from frappe

Hélio De Jesus

@Helio_Jesus Hey , Can you please tell me how did you delete the salary structure ?

Also is there any option to rename the salary structure ?

Hi @swagat
For you to delete a Salary Structure you must first delete all processed and Submitted Salaries otherwise it will not allow you to…

To rename you basically click on the name of the Salary Structure …
First click to open the Salary Structure after you need to go to the top where the name of Salary structure is and click again to rename it.

Hope it helps.

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Hey Jesus,

Thanks for the prompt response . But both the options not working.

Deletion of salary structure -Even after deleting the salaries , I am not being able to delete the structure as there is no option available . Please guide me for the same.

Renaming salary structure - I am not able to do so . Once I open the salary structure , and then on top if I click on the name , nothing changes as the name is not editable there.


Are you using a local VM or using the demo Erpnext online?
As local VM you can do all but as a user on the demo you can’t.

Hey ,

I am using a local VM

@arunkumargonal - Jesus might be able to help us on the same.

Can you screen shot the salary structure… By the way are you admin in your local VM?


Check your user rights … by going to your username on the top of Menu button and click My Settings to see your rights …
you should have those selected

If you are User only means you cannot delete or rename it… To rename you basically click no the title “2017-18(With PDF & ESI) - Apr” and it shold allow you to rename.

To delete you can go to Menu button and click Delete if you have the rights for it.

Hello jesus ,

I have all the access granted that an admin gets . Even to be more precise our using system admin also there is no option in Menu called Delete and neither renaming .

As Admin you should have this

And when opening one of the records you should have on the menu those options

A bit strange for an local Admin not having