Export Customization is exporting custom fields

Why is “Export Customizations” in the Customization form is exporting the “Custom Fields” ?

  1. Create a custom field for a doctype Employee
  2. Goto Customize Form and select doctype as Employee
  3. Export Customizations, you will see that the custom field is added to the employee.json
  4. Export Fixtures to have the “custom fields” in the “custom_field.json” file
  5. Now goto custom field you created, and change its type
  6. Now export fixtures
  7. Migrate the changes on another server, you will find that the changes are taken from “employee.json” because it contains the old data of the “custom field”

Any update on this please ?

It seems the Export Customizations and Export Fixtures features do very similar things, but the Export Fixtures is preferred by many because it allows you to export the customisations to a new custom app, so you can customise ERPNext without polluting the ERPNext code tree.

You can add any doctype you want to the hooks.py fixtures in your custom app including Custom Field and Property Setter.

See here

In your instance it seems the Export Customizations overrides the fixtures, so just use one or the other not both.

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BTW, looks like Export Customizations has been in since v7 and is the preferred way to keep your customisations version-controlled. Whereas export-fixtures has been in since v4 and is a more generic hook to import static data.