Export Customizations

Hi everyone,

I’m new to erpnext and frappe. I want to know if export of customizations can be done from one instance to another.

Example: I want to make few changes in the customized form of sales invoice, like change the label “company” to “company name” and many like that from the customize form in the test instance and want it to be saved in that app so that whenever i push the changes to production I would find the changes reflected without again doing manually the same things on production instance. Will I be able to do it by export customizations or by fixtures.

I have tried using erport customizations button on top right of customize form to a particular app. It appears to work well but when i pull the changes to production no changes are reflected.
I also tried to export fixtures using the command:
bench --site site_name export-fixtures

But no changes are being reflected. So please can you let me know if there is any solution for this


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If you want to export them in the fixtures, you should add property setters to your hooks.py:

fixtures = [
        "dt": "Property Setter",

Something like that

Create your own app
create your own module link to that app.
for the doctype you want to customize, go on customize form. Do all the adjustment necessary and export it all to your module.

All your customizations are now in your app. You can now do bench update without losing your customizations.
You can also sync your with Github now.