Export data from data import tool - timeout from large dataset

I am trying to download my item master with about 20,000 items and it is failing with a 504 timeout even when i try to export it as csv. please help

Do you still get a timeout when you download just one item?

For such challanges, tool must have date range to download the bata between those dates.

It’ll help for those who has large databases

@gurshish your point is valid. It will not export item master with such large data. Erpnext team needs to look into data export feature.

However u can use following workaround
Instead of exporting item master from import export tool you can use item report builder and pick columns to add all the relevent data u need and then export that report

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that’s a good idea, thank you.

how do you do this

Pick a DocType that has no elements ie an empty list.

Now a create a single new instance then export it.

that works smaller doctypes get exported properly its just that when there is a lot of data it times out

So you already know what causes the timeout…

yes i do the data import tool is unable to make large sheets

Maybe try this

frappe@ubuntu:~/frappe-bench$ bench export-csv
Usage: bench export-csv [OPTIONS] DOCTYPE PATH

Error: Missing argument “doctype”.

Also try ‘bench worker’ to monitor progress?

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i ran bench export-csv Item item.csv this worked for a while and then stopped but there was no output

If you would condense and report this that would help here…