Export Exploded Multilevel Bom With Default supplier

Like the topic suggests,
We have to build a report showing the every sub parts and their original suppliers.

I know the ‘‘Download Template with data’’ twist can do the twist for getting Exploded bom data. But I’m missing the Default supplier field.

Then I try to add the field in Customize Form : Bom Explosion Item but it doesn’t show in the Excel when I download the data.

I don’t even know if I’m doing anything right because documentation on OPTIONs in custom field sound like a secret.

I can’t believe I can’t simply EXPORT a Bom showing ALL the parts along with their Quantity etc etc and Default Suppplier… Directly in the bom menu.

Any lead?


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I found part of the solution, using a Custom Print Format for bom and including the flat bom… but still looking for a way to include the Supplier name in the item list…

The download template with data method no longer is an option.
What gives? Why is it that every option for getting your BOM out of the system easily is being closed up like a “bug”? I need to print my BOM in an excel format that is legible and simple to send to a 3rd party MFG partner.

As it stands now I need to cut and paste from the print screen and then manipulate the information and format. I may as well make one from scratch. This is ridiculous Clearly the information is there. Why can’t it be exported?

I’m confused by this design decision.

Perhaps this will explain New Data Import

Hey Again Clarkj ! I reviewed that post and yes it provides a much improved interface, but it still doesn’t allow for a single BOM exploded export. It does allow a nice list of all BOMs. I’m going to jump in to that group and see may be possible.