Export report in text format

Can anyone please explain me how to export data from form in text format

You can export data from your ERPNext using Report Builder report and Data Import Tool.

Report Builder: https://frappe.github.io/erpnext/user/videos/learn/report-builder.html

Data Import Tool: ERPNext - Importing data from spreadsheet file - YouTube

I want to add a button in form and on click of button I want to get the form data in text format.

Can anyone please explain me how to do this?


This feature is not readily available. You should save entry in the HTML format, then then open that HTML file int he application like Word or Excel.

So there is no other way to do this?

Somebody solved it

Hello @Christian_Sanchez
How? I am looking to be export for microsoft word to print from there, but I am not able to know from where to start?