Export Report to Excel with Formulas

I want to export the report when open it in excel and when i edit values of columns ,totals calculated automatically.

This is not exportable from ERPNext, as MYSQL only gives dump of data and doesn’t export the logic behind the calculation. You will have to update values separately, calculate and then update value in the template.

My company plan to transfer from Sage50 Accounting System to Erpnext System and it need this feature which supported by Sage50 System , as well as to some of sage50 reports that are not in Erpnext and will donate to Erpnext Foundation if set this advantage and reports.

Reports like this

Just about any report or the data behind it can be exported to excel or CSV from ERPNext. As @umair has said, the database doesn’t store the formulas in excel format, just the data itself.
The report you shared from Sage is available in ERPNext, a 10-minute reading of the Accounts module manual will probably make you feel a lot better about the feature, which is being added to by the Frappe team and the community all the time. If there aren’t any dealbreakers at that point (and there shouldn’t be, I predict you will be delighted by the feature set) you should get familiar with the interface by downloading the VM. A drawback of having such a large system is that it can be hard to find the feature you’re looking for, but it is very likely there.

I am curious to know how you and your company are using the “export to excel with formulas” feature of Sage. While this seems really useful, it probably runs against ERPNext/ Frappe’s instincts to accomplish anything your business needs inside the ERPNext or a third party application.

I need the formulas of sum totals to use it in filtering items.
For example , I have this report in pic.

I want to know the totals of selected item for every customer and all of them.

Are there another ways in Erpnext insted of formulas to help us ?

I work with a company that is migrating from Sage50 to ERPnext as well! The tutorial videos were ok, but I am looking for specifics on how to migrate (export/import) data from Sage50 to ERPnext (specifia=cally Customers, Vendors, and Inventory items list).

Any insights, or helpful tips?

Sage50: I’m not sure how it works from there to export master data like Customer, Vendors, Item, COA etc… But surely you could import excel file into ERPNext using Data Import tool.

For the template of Data Import of ERPNext, make one dummy entry into ERPNext and then
use the ‘update record’ option >> Download template with existing data >> use the dummy data format to capture your master data from Sage50 >> Upload it into ERPNext >> If there is a conflict or error reported, change the template data and re-upload it.