Export sales in Excel

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I am trying to export the sales register for a group of customers in a format that would be legible in Excel. I thought I would be able to do it in Excel or at least generate a PDF file. I need to send it monthly to my brokers so they can keep track of the sales. What a nice surprise - the only options are a csv file which is absolutely useless and a PDF file that does not allow me to filter by customer group but shows all the customers instead. Dead-end street situation… Any suggestions?

You can easily open CSV file in an excel sheet and save the file as XLS or XLSX format, we have been using this feature to do the same for the past 6 years now.

Here is what a row of it reads:

ROO2,“ROOBAR Maca Cranberry”,“Products”,“SINV-00045”,“2016-08-01”,“Ontario Natural Food Co-op”,“Ontario Natural Food Co-op”,“Distributors”,"Debtors -

What do I use it for? I need columns and rows that show who bought what and when…

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Honestly, it’s hard to think of anything better for interoperability, than CSV (which is just plain text). If you don’t want to sort and filter data, taken from CSV, you can just print Sales invoice list to PDF.

As I mentioned, PDF prints a report for all customers and I need a filtered one for just a group that my broker handles. Thanks anyway.

Worked beautifully, thx!

I quite disagree here. First, you have filters in Sales invoice list (as in any other list). Second, you have Report builder, which lets you pick and rearrange any necessary field.
Have you tried all the standard reports, available for Sales invoice list? If none of them suits, then you should be fine with Report builder.

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