Export sales order

Hi all,
I can’t find the option to export a sales order in csv format. I am actually working with a fulfillment warehouse that requires the orders to be uploaded to their WMS (warehouse management system) working with Manhattan Scale TPM. I thought this would be possible with ERPnext but can’t find it.

Hi @Milen_Kolev_Yordanov,

You can find Data Import Tool in Setup > Data > Import / Export Data.
Or Goto to Sales Order List under Menu you can find the Import Option.

Thanks, Makarand

Thanks Makarand. My question though is about EXPORTING - I would like to know if I can EXPORT a sales order or an invoice or another document so it looks like the attached screenshot:

As I mentioned in my initial post, I need to somehow create such files so I can upload them to my fulfillment warehouse portal so they can ship my orders.

They are using a Manhattan Scale TPM:

This is what it looks like from the inside:


No, it will not work,ERPNext will expect its own csv template with data for Sales Order Documents.
You can Download the Sales Order Template from Data Import Tool under Export Template Section.

Just enter the order details in template and Import.

Thanks, Makarand

Now that I have your attention, I tried to make the batch no. visible on the invoice - I have set up batches and everything, I specify a quantity for each batch, but when I try to print the invoice, the batch is not visible. I followed another thread (Batch No on Sales Invoice - #8 by khaludi2) where it says that I have to customize the form and make the batch no. visible, but I do not see anywhere a field “Batch” and do not know exactly how to add it. I tried to do what is explained in the training videos, but it did not work. Can you please explain step-by-step?

Nevermind, fixed it.