Export to txt file


I would like to ask how can I export the data to TXT format ?


yes… erpnext can export to sav format and you can open it as a text

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@KiEn_Seng_Lim You can export data from ERPNext in CSV format and it can be opened in any spreadsheet app or text editor to make changes.

More Info: http://frappe.github.io/erpnext/user/manual/en/setting-up/data/

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Thanks for the response.
But is it possible that I make my own customize button to export data into txt file by using frappe_client?

  • Of course you may try that by digging some pre-existing code on official Github repositories to find a way, it would be difficult.
  • Another way is, by using ERPNext REST API for receiving data and parsing to text format.
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you can but… it will required code…and i dont think it would be easy if you were not a developer that familiar with frappe

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Thanks for the response :grinning:
I will try to explore REST API.