Exporting and importing only configuration changes

Is there a way to export configuration changes like custom fields, form customization and other changes done through frontend other than actual data ?
Use case we will have a stage environment where we will do changes and once we are done we want to move it to live.
Is there are recommended way to do it in ERPNext ?

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Custom Field and Customize Form changes can be exported using the Data Import Tool.
Just Go to Data Import Tool and download the template with data.

For Custom Field select the document to download as Custom Field
For customize form customization select Property Setter as document to download.

The same downloaded csv then can be used to import through data import tool.

Thanks, Makarand

@makarand_b I checked import tool, it does not allow to export all changes in one go you have to select each doc type and than export is there a better way? Also when I do export with data it exports the complete data as well which I don’t want.
Need a simple way to push configuration changes from stage to live environment.
How’s everyone doing this current ?

I’m very interested in this feature, there are any plans to implement export/export in one step all changes?

I tried to find “Property Setter” in the list of doctypes of the Data Import Tool but it doesn’t show this doctype. After then I went to Role Permissions Manager and enabled import and export for System Manager (I have System Manager Role) but also after reloading Data Import Tool doesn’t show “Property Setter”.
Did you tried to download “Property Setter” data?

hi did you find a resolution to this problem … i am also not able to see property setter as doctype

Please check if you are able to set allow import for custom doctype