Exporting Financial Statement to Excel

When an accounting statement report like Trial Balance which contains collapsible rows is exported, the amounts for the individual child rows are summed in the parent row which makes it difficult to sum the rows when working with the exported sheet.

Please is there any advice on exporting such reports to excel to work with?

Trial Balance:


Exported report:

63000 is the sum of the values in the individual rows but its easy to erroneously sum it with 12000,1000,1000,2000… when doing =sum(c2:c81)


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Is there a way to get a “flat view” of the report instead of the default hierarchical view, such that only non-group accounts are shown in the report?

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Hi @crossxcell99

Did you find any solution to this? It’s very difficult to work with excel exports as the parent rows are not differentiated in any way! Would have been better if the parent rows were highlighted so they can be filtered out in Excel

Any ideas on how to deal with this will be greatly appreciated


I agree with you, here is a github about this problem :