Exposing webform without listing


I want to use the webform capabilities of ERPNext to display a form that allows students to fill in the application form without being logged in. I tried unchecking the “Login Required” checkbox in the form definition, and while it did allow me to fill in the webform without being logged in, it also shows a listing of all the applications. Is it possible to disable the listing view so that visitors can only see the form and not the listing?


Hi @onto,

Uncheck the field Allow Edit in the Web Form you are creating.

Hi @shreya115!

Thanks for the response, but wouldn’t checking the “Login Required” checkbox restrict the webform to only be fillable by users who are logged in? I want the opposite effect:

  1. Allow non-logged in users to fill in the webform.
  2. Prevent non-logged in users from seeing the submitted application listing.

By the way, since I have already unchecked the “Login Required” checkbox, I cannot see the “Allow Edit” checkbox. I assume it is inapplicable.